Introducing Virtual Recess

While schools remain closed our children are missing some key components of their daily routine, including socialization, exercise, structure, and more. ACT Learning Centre is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our free virtual series to get your little ones moving with their friends: virtual recess. Virtual Recess will feature body breaks, dance party activities, yoga, superhero actions and more! Sessions will be structured to provide some respite for parents as they are not required to attend the virtual sessions with their child.

Days: Tuesday and Thursdays
Time: 11 to 11:45am

ACT has decided to offer this free service just before lunch to allow parents some time to prepare lunch for their children and have a few minutes to breathe while we keep your child or children busy! ACT instructor therapists will be running gross motor activities to get their bodies moving. Each session will end with a calming activity to ensure a smooth transition to lunch time.

Interested in registering? Send us an email at and indicate your interest by writing ‘Virtual Recess’ in the subject line.