Making Hand Washing Fun for Kids

Hands are one of the biggest germ carriers, especially little hands that are busy exploring and playing outside. Washing your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water is one of the best ways for both you and your children to remain healthy and avoid illnesses. But every parent knows, getting your children to wash your hands can be a battle. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips and tricks to make hand washing fun and encourage your children to frequently wash!

Sing a song

Most children don’t realize just how long they should scrub their hands for an effective clean. To ensure they’re washing for a proper amount of time, have them sing their favourite nursery rhyme twice. To make it more of an interactive activity, create your own song about washing hands that follows the same rhythm as Happy Birthday.

Make it a competition

In the morning, put a stamp on their hand. If the stamp has washed off by the afternoon, give them a reward!

Create a handwashing chart

Add categories for before breakfast, lunch, and dinner and after certain messy activities like petting an animal or playing outside. Place a sticker in each box when they have washed their hands.

Arts and crafts time

Melt existing bars of soap and pour them into candy molds in the shape of their favourite television characters. Add different soap dyes and glitter to make your soaps truly unique.

Lead by example

Little ones love to mimic the people around them. Make washing your hands before every meal and snack a family routine. If you do so together, you can model just how much soap to use, how long to rub your hands together, and rinse.

Make it accessible

If you want your children to take their health and safety into their own hands (literally), consider designating one of your bathrooms to be an accessible handwashing station. Provide a stool so they can easily reach the tap, add a tap extender, and consider giving them a special towel for drying.

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