Long Weekend Activities

The Victoria Day long weekend is here and we have some fun, interactive activities you can do with little ones!

Pom Pom Water

First up we have Pom Pom water play. This looks as fun as it sounds and is both sensory and interactive for your child. Simply add water to a bin and add pom poms, some cups and a spoon and watch your child dive into this activity! And no need to worry about your poms getting wet, they’ll dry like new after.

POM POM WATER PLAY: Outdoor pom pom activity; water sensory bin; pom poms in water; playing with pom pom; toddler activity; easy outdoor activity from Busy Toddler

Image + source: busytoddler.com

Outdoor Toy Paint

Washable paint and some outdoor toys are all you need for this kid-favourite activity! Let their imagination and creativity run wild, and when they’re done, you’ll have another activity for them; Washing the outdoor toys!

OUTDOOR TOY PAINT: An amazing summer activity for kids! Let kids paint their outdoor toys in this quick, easy, and free activity from Busy Toddler. A multi-age activity that works for so many kids!!!

Image + source: busytoddler.com

Nature Walk

Getting outside for some fresh air and exercise is a must for anyone, but especially little ones with a lot of energy to burn. Grab your hat and sunscreen and head out for a walk on a new trail or a new neighborhood to explore something different. Want to add some fun? Try a nature scavenger hunt! 

Image + source homemadeheather.com

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

“Are we there yet?” If you’re traveling this weekend we highly recommend a road trip scavenger hunt! It’s a wonderful way to keep young ones engaged and entertained throughout your trip, and bonus, they can learn something along the way too!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Image + source: kristendukephotography.com

Museums and Zoos

Planning to stay local this Victoria Day long weekend? Why not explore what your city has to offer and check out a museum or zoo. It’s a great way to spend the whole day learning something new; win-win for both you and your child!

The Daspletosaurus torosus and Vagaceratops irvinensis diorama.

Image + source nature.ca

Whatever your long weekend brings you, we hope you have a safe and happy weekend!