Victoria Samson

Position: Quality Manager and Speech-Language Pathologist
Categories: Entry to School, Speech-Language Therapy

Victoria is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist who graduated with a Master of Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2014. Victoria has pursued additional training in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), motor speech disorders (including PROMPT and DTTC, Dynamic Tactile and Temporal Cuing) as well as autism spectrum disorder  (including the advanced workshop for Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and The Hanen Program’s More Than Words and TalkAbility). Victoria has completed courses on the Natural Language Acquisition approach to supporting children who communicate using echolalia (Gestalt Language Processors). Victoria is also an Individual Authorizer for Communication Aids through ADP.

Victoria has worked as a pediatric SLP since 2014 in various roles including preschool speech and language services, school-based rehab services and an expanded level AAC clinic. She has worked in the Entry to School Program at ACT since January 2022. Victoria has a particular interest in and passion for early intervention, supporting young children with ASD and their families to thrive through strengths-based intervention.

“ACT fosters collaboration across disciplines and provides opportunities for learning and growth for its staff. Victoria believes strongly in the importance of a collaborative, interdisciplinary and evidence-based approach to intervention taking the whole child into consideration in order to develop functional and meaningful goals with the family. This holistic, interdisciplinary approach is accessible to families who seek services through ACT.”

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